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Terms of Services & Privacy Policies in plain English

TOSSOS was built to help people understand what they actually agree to when they use products and services. We're here to keep an eye on the products you use and notify you if their legal contracts change.

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Get notified of popular product changes and other privacy news

While it’s still at an early stage, the site could well become a major resource over time.

Martin Bryant, TheNextWeb

What those privacy policies and terms of service actually say

@iRowan, editor at Wired

Highly Recommended! Terms and Privacy Policies of major sites explained in plain english.


You can betcha I will use TOSSOS! It 'Aims to Make Sense of Terms of Service


Trimming the fat

No one reads TOSs or Privacy Policies because they're too long. But not all that information is relevant. TOSSOS will let you see every word or only the sections that matter.

Compare products to find what's right for you

Wouldn't it be nice if you could compare two products to see if one of them doesn't sell your information to third parties? Now you can.

When they change their terms, you'll know

Add your email to a product and you'll be notified when something big changes. No more sneaking new clauses in behind your back.