Our Craftsmanship | Tossos

Our Workmanship

Tuscany, the place where top-quality crafts originated, is the birthplace of our leather bags!

They are sewn by hand in traditionally run workshops that have passed down their knowledge for generations! Each step is marked by care and finesse.

It’s not without reason that the family-run factories receive great recognition from renowned luxury brands. Their long-standing loyalty proves the durability and excellent quality of products.

The Tanning

Our Tuscan tannery has passed on the tradition of plant-based tanning for four generations. Its work is conducted in a fully refurbished building with the most modern equipment and technology without altering the long traditional tanning process.

Turning raw calf skin into fine but stable leather that will last forever is done in wooden drums using natural tannins, which are made exclusively from selected wood.

A process that observes the necessary slow passage of time and shows respect for individuals and nature.