Our Philosophy | Tossos

Our Philosophy

Our leather bags are crafted in Italy using traditional artisanal methods. Timeless, iconic leather luggage is created from the finest Italian calf leather, which is tanned in Tuscany by hand using only plant-based extracts, and natural fine lining.

Each piece is handmade and original with distinctive fittings and details. Our collection offers the quality from the past for the fast pace of today.

You will notice that our leather bags will become more beautiful with time and with increased usage. The patina of countless trips and natural darkening gives the leather bags their flair .

Our Business Model

We have no middlemen and only invest in the quality of our collection. We dispense with any nonsense that push up the prices of leather bags in the traditional luxury segment. By working closely with the best Tuscan tanneries and manufacturers, you will benefit from our unique quality which is up to 50% cheaper than on the traditional luxury market segment.